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Sloans Lake - Health Insurance - PPO

In Colorado, the network that some people referred to as "Sloans Lake" has had a change of name. The last "Sloans Lake" name with connection to health insurance networks was "Sloans Lake Preferred Health Networks" and was discontinued in September, 2007 by Aetna after it purchased the network in 2005. "Sloans Lake Managed Care" was a prior name. The network business continues under the new name which is "Cofinity".
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For other states, as of this last update of this article, the Cofinity site states that "Our networks span the entire states of Colorado, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. You can also access participating physicians and hospitals in parts of Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin".

You can get quotes and buy a health insurance plan that uses this network, but Cofinity, formerly "Sloans Lake Preferred Health Networks" is a claims network and not an insurance company. Aetna is an insurance company. Cofinity that it owns is a free-standing claims network, some of whose customers are other insurance companies.

A claims network where a doctor or hospital sends claims is not the same as insurance. If your health insurance uses this network, the network processes the claim from your doctor, hospital, or other provider, according to the network agreement (which specifies how much is paid for each medical service, what medical codes are used, etc), and sends it to your insurance company or plan administrator for payment.

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You can find plans that use the Cofinity network (formerly "Sloans Lake Preferred Health Networks") by going to this page. One of the companies using the network is Assurant Health (Time Insurance Company).

Other insurance companies are quoted as well but use other networks. Other networks may include your doctor because most medical providers join more than one network. The network does not affect what the plan covers. It's only where the claims go for processing, not payment.

You can also go directly to Assurant Health's website, get quotes, and apply online. When you get quotes, you will see that there is a box labeled "Network" where you can choose Cofinity (formerly "Sloans Lake Preferred Health Networks") as one of the claims networks that you can choose from. If you apply at some time, start from the link on this page so you will also have a local agent to be available to help at any time that you request.

A local agent i.e., us, can be available to help with additional customer service even after you have your policy, as well as help with explaining the plans and the application process itself. You can call at any time 303-722-2222. To have that available, you have to start with our site here so that the insurance company's website can recognize which agent's website the application came from.

Cofinity health insurance

The other three companies do not have quoting on their websites, so the links for them are limited to an online quoting service.

Neither individuals nor employers can buy health insurance directly from Cofinity. Of historic interest, at the end of 1998, a company called Sloans Lake Health Insurance Company was formed to provide group health coverage for employers. However, within a few years, insurance sales were terminated. No one can buy health insurance from a network. No matter what they say at the doctor's office, it does not provide health insurance. Insurance companies provide health insurance. That's what we help you with.

A claims network is not an insurance company, does not sell insurance, does not pay claims, or dispense or administer insurance coverage benefits. It initiates an agreement with medical providers to streamline claims procedures, then processes claims according to the agreement and sends the claim to the insurance company or plan administrator who pays the claim. "PPO" stands for "Preferred Provider Organization".

The name "Sloans Lake" may still appear in some insurance references because the name became so well known, even if misunderstood. Some doctor's offices would tell patients that "Sloans Lake" was good health insurance just because that was where the office sent the claims. Confused patients never were able to get health insurance from the Lake.

The original network was started in 1978 by a clinic of physicians who had an office near the actual lake. The business has changed hands a number of times since then along with various name variations, such as Sloans Lake Managed Care, culminating in the name "Sloans Lake Preferred Health Networks" and now "Cofinity". The network has grown to over 6,500 individual providers and facilities representing every medical specialty.

Aetna continues to operate the network as a free-standing network under the Cofinity name, but also sells individual/family and employer health insurance plans. Those plans use their own networks under the Aetna name. Aetna quotes

Health Plan Customers of Cofinity

The customers of free-standing claims networks like this are insurance companies, union plans and self-funded plans of larger employers, not individuals looking for health insurance. This arrangement with a free-standing claims network saves these customers the expense of setting up their own network. Unless you are one of those customers needing a claims network, you may find a dead-end at the Lake. However, you can buy a health insurance plan that uses this network at

sloans lake health insurance

Claims networks exist to make the filing of medical claims more efficient. Prices for procedures are specified in the network agreement and each procedure has its own medical code. The patient/employee/policyholder is saved the trouble of comprehending, completing, and filing claim forms and may also avoid "balance billing". If there are no pre-agreed prices for procedures, i.e., no network, the insured may find that the provider is charging more than the health coverage plan believes is reasonable. The provider then bills the insured for the balance which the plan refuses to pay.

Claims are sent to the network operator's claims office which processes the claim according to the network agreement and then sends it to the health insurance company or plan administrator of the union or employer plan for payment to the provider. The network operator charges a fee for each claim processed.


There are other independent claims networks available for health insurance companies, unions, and employers to use and some health insurance companies have set up their own claims networks.

No matter which claims network a health insurance company is using, this does not change the benefits because they are specified by the plan you buy from the health insurance company, not by the claims network. The cost to the insurance company may be different to a degree because independent networks compete for their business. Many medical providers join most of the claims networks.

A patient hoping to get the "inside story" from an "unbiased" source may ask at a doctor's office what insurance they recommend. The agreed payments for medical procedures in this network may have been higher than in some others. So some patients have been told to get 'Sloans Lake health insurance' or with the change of name, 'Cofinity health insurance'. That is misleading. Those networks do not sell health insurance. Here's an idea. Ask doctors about medicine. Ask insurance agents about insurance.

If you want to see the list of providers, go to the network site.

If you want the best health insurance, including those that use the network, that's available here at

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