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health plan colorado  Hundreds of plans to pick from.  Reliable, trusted carriers.

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individual health insurance colorado  Additional companies are quoted here!  All are well known in the individual health insurance business, with good reputations.

Prices cannot be lower!  Buy direct with our help, no charge. The insurer pays us, you don't.

co health insurance When using B above, you can pre-select plan features:

Tax deduction saving for out-of-pocket expenses

From the first dollar, what you pay in medical expenses before the plan pays can be like a tax deduction using deposits to a Health Savings Account (HSA)

Copays for doctor visits and prescriptions

If the HSA tax deduction is not important, plans with copays may be preferred. Tax law does not allow an HSA if your plan has copays (except for preventive wellness).

'Catastrophic' or Hospital only coverage

For the lowest premiums, with or without tax deduction for out-of-pocket expenses. Carefully examine the coverage so it covers what you want.

Health Insurance Colorado Plans

Get health insurance that you can rely on. On this site, we avoid all dubious health insurance operations. The companies quoted on this website are mainstream companies that have made a strong commitment to providing health insurance in Colorado. Discount plans are not insurance.

Every plan quoted here is from a respected health insurance company that is well known in the business of individual health insurance in Colorado. Family members can be added as dependents by the person buying "individual" coverage.

Compare health insurance plans offered by a particular company and then compare between various companies. If it's confusing, don't be afraid to call for assistance.

We're not promoting one company only. We are committed to helping you understand what you are buying and making the best choice from what is available.

Get personal help when needed. You can do it all by yourself on the internet, but sometimes it's faster to pick up the phone and get questions answered quickly so you don't have to go from site to site looking for answers. Why waste time? Don't let hours go by. Give us a call at 303-722-2222.

Price versus benefits.  Generally, the more out-of-pocket you are prepared to pay if you have medical expenses, the lower the premium the insurance company will charge. So you have to weigh carefully which option you will feel most comfortable with, e.g., is it worth paying more per month to have physician office copays that you probably won't use much? Would you feel okay about having generic prescription coverage only in order to reduce the monthly premium?

Consider an accident rider.  What about taking a higher maximum out-of-pocket exposure to get a lower premium and supplement the plan with an accident rider. They are available up to $10,000. Your out-of-pocket for accidental injury could be covered by the rider and you would only have to meet the higher out-of-pocket amount in the case of sickness. If you could use an extra tax deduction, and there is a significant difference in premium, this may be a good combination with an HSA-qualified plan.

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